Friday, November 20, 2009

Stargate Universe Episode Names

The episode titles for Stargate Universe have so far been one, elemental word: Air, Darkness, Light, Water, Earth, Time, and the next one will apparently be Life. So I've taken to guessing the name of the next episode based purely on pattern. After "Water", I figured we'd get "Land" (we got "Earth"). I wanted the next to be "Space" or "Sky", but they went for "Time" (seriously, we're 8 hours into the series and they're already resorting to time travel?). I don't know, though. I think the last episode should have been called "Death" (and if you're not satisfied with an off-screen resolution or want to know if both past-future kinos were found by the crew of Destiny, watch this). At some point, they're going to need "Food". I suppose the third-time's-a-charm results of "Time" mean they aren't out of antibiotics yet, but they might start to worry about "Health" soon enough. Turn "Health" into "Heart" and you've got all of the elements for Captain "Planet", which of course would orbit a "Star". "Light" could just as well have been called "Fire", but that episode name is still an open possibility. If they decide to get a little mystical, they can go with "Spirit". And since they're flying on the "Destiny", the season's last episode can be called "Fate."

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Lego Sorting Evolution

I found a rather hilarious generic timeline of the evolution of a Lego collection, or, more specifically, the organization of the Lego collection as said collection grows. I laughed so hard at number 15 that I had to stop reading for a minute. Just that afternoon I had been in Wal-Mart, grumbling about how Rubbermaid's quality had gone downhill in the last few years. I'm kind of at step 13 with my Legos at the moment. If only I had known the Silverdome was going to be so cheap, I could have skipped straight to step 24.