Monday, March 09, 2009

Peep Nightmares and Daylight Savings Time

I could not sleep last night (surprise). This was bad for three reasons. 1) The beginning of Daylight Savings Time was already robbing me of an hour of my day, inevitably carved out of the "sleeping" part. 2) I had an 8 am meeting this morning, which meant super-extra-no-sleeping-in pressure. 3) I had my midterm in my class tonight. I avoided caffeine yesterday and even attempted to go to bed at 10 pm. At 11:30, I was very much not asleep or even close to being asleep, so I got up and surfed the web for a bit.

The Washington Post is having it's annual Peeps Diorama Contest. Someone made me throw out all of my candy that was more than two holidays (or was it two years?) old, so alas, I have no Halloween Peeps with which to build a Kitten themed diorama. But I did spend a bit of my sleepless time looking at entries from last year.

So when I finally got to sleep, what did I dream about? Peeps. Peeps taking over people and trying to eat me. Just how am I suppose to sleep when my brain thinks something as harmless as a Peep is out to get me? I can see the t-shirt now: Can't sleep. Peeps will eat me.