Saturday, March 12, 2005

And this is even more fun...

I'm sorry. Did I say my computer was working? I meant to say "My computer is taunting me by working just long enough for me to post a short blog entry, only to crash horribly yet again." As anyone who has spoken to me for more than two seconds in the last month knows, my computer is down. I've now officially shipped it to Compaq, so I'm checking my mail and blogging from my uncle's computer (therefore, the flood of blog posts that haven't already aged beyond relevance will still have to wait until my computer is working again).

It's amazing how much less stressed I am now that my computer is out of my apartment and out of my hands. For the last month I spent every other day that I wasn't entirely occupied by other things either making calls, receiving calls, or making futile trips to stores trying to get my computer fixed. I was afraid that not having a busy weekend for the first time since it broke down would be an unpleasant experience to say the least. Maybe it's the fact that I slept about nine hours last night and actually made up for some lost sleep. But I think it helps that my computer isn't sitting these in my living room, taunting me with its lack of functionality or fixability. I may feel differently in two weeks when I reach the lower limit of Compaq's estimate of how long it will take to fix my computer. But for now, I can check my e-mail every week or so on my uncle's computer. I'll continue to write log entries by hand and watch their timeliness slip away. Unfortunately, I will probably also continue actually watching television shows since I can't read recaps. But at least if Pete gets sick, I'll still have plenty of Sluggys to read whenever I do get internet access.

For now, the phone will have to be my primary mode of communication (a frightening thought, truly. I still haven't written my "phones are evil" rant, have I?) So long, little blog. See you in a week or so.