Wednesday, January 16, 2008

LEGO Master

My LEGO collection has gotten large enough to justify buying bins from Home Depot that are usually reserved for organizing things like nuts, bolts, nails, and screws. Several cubes in my closet and my entire kitchen table are taken up by LEGOs. I am a rank amateur with a passing interest compared this guy, who makes a living building LEGO models. He has more LEGO's than a LEGO store. Just LOOK at all those bins! (Oddly, the LEGO set he wanted the most as a kid but never got is one of the ones I had as a kid - the instruction booklet is in my closet, but I have no idea where most of the pieces went). You should take a closer look at his Google Logo, there's more to it than first appears. And the LEGO medical robot is pretty cool, even if it can't actually move. For figures that could actually be built by someone with an average LEGO collection, look at the models with under 250 pieces. To abandon all hope of ever having the skill, patience, or money to build the model you're looking at, go to the models with over 10,000 pieces section. Guess which 60,000 piece model I like. ;) Thanks to Jeremy's Status Message for the link.