Thursday, May 24, 2007

Quote of the Day - May 24, 2007

If I smile and don't believe,
Soon I know I'll wake from this dream...
Suddenly, I know I'm not sleeping.
Hello, I'm still here,
All that's left of yesterday.

- "Hello", Evanescence

The ghost of you is all that I have left
It's all that I have left of you to hold.
I wake in the night to find there's no one there but me
And nothing left of what we were at all.

- "Ghost of You", Good Charlotte

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Diana, Dead of a Broken Heart

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Diana, our half-tortoise-shell/half Siamese, had to be put to sleep this week at the age of 11 and 1/2. She and Ringer were very close. She kept him young, I think, and kept him company when humans couldn't. Though she was skiddish and fearful of... well, just about everything, we loved her just the same. She finally started to mellow in her later years, and I hope she understood that we loved her.

She stopped eating when Ringer got sick and never started again. My parents buried her next to him so that they could be together.

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