Thursday, February 21, 2008

We Apologize For the Delay

I'm currently on hold with Wachovia. 10 minutes and counting. Every minute, a woman's voice comes on the line and gives one of 5 different apologies. My favourite is "We apologize for the unusual delay." As if being on hold for more than 5 minutes is unusual. Verizon dropped my first freakin' call, just as I was being transfered to someone who could do what I needed. The first wait was about 20 minutes. The woman who apologizes makes me think of Joo Dee. It's kind of creepy. "Hello. I am Joo Dee. I will be your host while you are listening to Muzak over a choppy connection."

Okay, only 15 minutes this time. "Believe-it-or-not." Nope. Never heard that one.

I've spent a fair amount of time on the phone with customer service over the last couple of days. I took off work to do all the little things that I haven't been able to do for months like, you know, stock up on tissues and toilet paper and ended up getting the flu (my apologies to everyone a WalMart, which is where I was when I decided that maybe I should stop at the Patient First across the street because me no feel too good), so I haven't gotten quite as much done as I wanted (oh, exclamation points of overdue-ness, will you ever stop haunting me?). Yesterday, I decided I was well enough to call Lego without screaming at them in frustration (calling customer service, which tends to frustrate anyway, is not a good idea when one is sick and tired). I bought their Mindstorms NXT about a month ago. The intelligent brick, um, wasn't. I tried to return it, but the store said I had to contact technical support (No returns!). Their phone tech support is only available 8am to 8pm Monday thru Friday. Fat lot of good that does me with the hours I've been working. I tried e-mail, but when the steps they gave me failed they said... call tech support to get a new one. Grrr. I did. They sent me the same steps they sent me a month ago. THEN they finally agreed the intelligent brick was missing a few IQ points and should, indeed, be replaced. It will take 3 weeks because Denmark is apparently very far away. Good. Maybe by then I'll have time to play with it again.

I am very tempted to bring an ESD strap home from work and use it in my apartment. The static electricity in here is getting ridiculous.

Can you tell that I'm tired of being at home and being unproductive?

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