Friday, May 13, 2005


Who is this Julie person that keeps sending me spam? Every time I check my junkmail folder, there's subjectless e-mail from "~* Julie *~" or, today, "JulieShowingOff". I certainly don't know any Julies, and all the spam is making me not want to know any Julies. And if I did know a Julie, I'd probably be temped to punch her on principle. I don't want to see your freakin' webcam or your porno website. I don't want any drugs to increase the size of anything on my body. Why, Julie, must you torment me so? From now on, I'm calling spam that looks like it's from a friend "julies". It will probably never catch on, but my small regular readership will know what I'm talking about when I say "I got another julie today." Everyone else will think it's a new slang turn for something, and they'll be afraid to ask what. Gutterbrains. Then we could start and organization called Bloggers against Julies to really confuse them....

I'm sorry. Did I just type that out loud?


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