Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A Parenthetical Conversation

I’ve noticed since I started writing this blog that I use a lot of parentheses (you noticed that, huh?). Part of it is a reflection of my speaking style, which sometimes devolves into a series of asides, causing me to lose the original point (what point?). Part of it is my almost compulsory need to clarify (expound, delineate, ramble on about) what I’m saying since the written word often lacks the verbal and visual subtext present in face-to-face communications (see Community and Communication)(ha! Thought I was going to say something smart, didn’t you?) The rest may be that, sadly or otherwise, I’m used to having conversations with myself. (so very sad) Excuse you! (I’m excused.) Stop that! (Stop what?) You’re making unnecessary comments. It’s distracting. (Lenny Kravitz and Jimi Hendrix). What? (You were wondering earlier who the two singer/guitarists were whose names you never seem to be able to remember at the same time) What does that have to do with anything? (I don’t know. I’m just the parenthetical comments. Do I really have to be relevant?) Well, it would be nice! (:P F is for fire that burns down the whole town, U is for Uranium… bombs!) No! Don’t you dare get that song in my head. (This is the song that doesn’t end…) Would you like to take over? (No, no. I’m good.) No, really. You seem to want to talk so much. Maybe you should write the blog post and I’ll just jump in when I have something to add. (Um…) … (Hello? Main voice? Where did you go?) … (Ah, crap. Um… Hi there! Look, I think the main voice is distracted by the State of the Union right now. Maybe she’ll be back in a minute.) … (No? I can’t write and entire blog post! I’m just the witty comments and tangentially relevant asides! I need a main thread to bounce off of! Where did she go? I’m off to find myself. If I return before I get back, tell me I’m on vacation.)

She gone? Yes! Finally. I can write a few sentences without interruption. Now, where was I? Well? Where was I? I lost my place. Where did… oh, very funny, parenthetical voice. Fine. Be that way. I’ll finish this later…

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