Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy Hallow-give-mas!

My dad has decided that we should no longer live in denial that Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are still separate holidays. Christmas stuff is in the stores these days in mid-October (maybe even earlier), before the Halloween stuff is even marked down. So we might as well acknowledge that the "holiday season" has expanded to include the last three months of the year and give it a new name. It started as "Hallow-thanks-mas" (which, by the way, Dad, was already coined. Sorry.), but I think "Hallow-give-mas" works better because it takes the first part of the first major holiday, the middle of the next, and the end of the last. Although, I suppose it depends on how you celebrate. If you don't have much to give, it may still be Hallow-thanks-mas. But Hallow-give-mas flows a little better, even if the contribution of Thanksgiving to the name is a little less obvious.

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