Thursday, March 16, 2006

Is it 2008 yet?

There's so much talk about who should run for president in 2008 (hint: Democrats, don't nominate Hillary. Republicans, don't nominate Cheney, Rove, or just about anyone from the current administration (Condi Rice might be an exception)). Both for 2008 and the upcoming midterm elections, the Democrats are busy making the same mistakes they made in 2004 (What's wrong with John Kerry? He's not Bush! Don't you like that about him?) while the Republicans are trying not to repeat the mistakes of Al Gore (who tried to distance himself from the scandals surrounding Clinton but wound up also distancing himself from the successes of that administration). Candidates for each party will inevitable focus on their base and ignore everybody else. I considered writing something on changing the primaries to run-off elections, then realized that I had already done that. Three more years of this? Gah!


Anonymous John said...

It will be Joe Biden (D) vs. Rudy Giuliani (R) in 2008. John McCain (R/d) will be neither a prez nor a veep candidate (for neither party). Hillary will be in the primaries, but she will make several gaffs ("oops, didn't know the mike was on!") that will be render her unelectable.
Finally, in another close one, it will be Biden and an as yet unnamed eastern governor running mate as the winners. The house and senate will belong to the Dems.
Hillary will divorce Bill and become a lobbyist. She will be indicted, convicted, spend 6 months in prison, and end up as a permanent guest host on The Martha Stewart Show.
George W. will end up at Betty Ford with both his daughters.
Canada, under the weight of its "free" medical care, will collapse and be annexed by the United States - except Quebec which will have secretly been bought up by Disney and turned into "Frenchy Frog Land" (Frenchy Frog being the new park mascot!).
Hey, I just see the future and predict it.

3/17/2006 7:31 AM  

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