Monday, March 13, 2006

Google Mars

If you go to Google before the end of today (March 13, 2006), you will see that one of the O's in their logo has been replaced by Mars and the "g" has been replaced by Earth with a telescope on top. If you roll over the logo with your mouse, you will see the tag "Percival Lowell" appear after a second. Click on the logo. Ta-da! Google has created an interactive map of Mars that's even more complete than their map of the Moon. You can map all of the spacecraft that have landed (successfully or otherwise) on Mars, as well as many of the geographic features like Olympus Mons. (And yes, I already did a search for "face". You can't see the "Face on Mars" in the pictures that they have, but you can see the Happy Face Crater.) There are still a few glitches when zooming in and out, and the resolution varies depending on whether you're in elevation mode, visible mode, or infrared mode. Also, like Google Earth, the resolution is greater in certain areas than it is in others. For instance, there is much greater infrared resolution around the landing site for the Spirit Rover than, say, at the north pole. Enjoy!


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