Monday, December 22, 2008

CGF Becomes Heifer International?

The Christian Goat Fund was a joke that Jody masterminded in college. (I have to wonder if the "2000: Year of the Goat" chalking is still visible on a column outside Litton-Reaves. It was when I graduated in 2002). Last week, I got a mailing for Heifer International. This is an actual organization that allows you to buy animals for people in poor countries, with the intention of making families self-sufficient rather than simply giving them food from day to day. There's even a YouTube video about it based on "The Llama Song" by Burton Earny. It even has a decent rating on Charity Navigator. So, if you've ever wanted to buy a llama but don't want the hassle of actually taking care of it, now is your chance! And if the llama is too expensive, you can always buy a duck instead.

And remember: Heifer International decreases World Suck.

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