Saturday, December 08, 2007

Seven Facts Meme

I'm procrastinating studying for my finals. Can you tell?

I've apparently been tagged for a meme. It's been a long while since that has happened since my participation in the blog community has been even more sparse than my actual blogging. I've been looking for inspirations to post (also, see above), so let's play.

The meme is seven facts most people don't know about me. I'm not sure how to interpret "most people". For instance, most people I've meant since college or who haven't read my blog don't know about Kathra. And most of my friends don't know why, for several weeks if not months, at least one person at work really thought my name was Queen. But for this exercise, I think I'll try to stick to the mundane things I haven't deigned to mention in conversation lately or on my blog at all.

1. The only organized team sport I ever played as a kid was soccer.
2. My favorite part of Girl Scout camp was usually putting on campfire skits.
3. The very first story I remember writing (from second grade, I think) was essentially a one-page piece of Mary Sue Star Trek: The Next Generation fan fiction.
4. My first poem was titled "Be Yourself or Be an Elf" and was written for a third grade talent show while I was walking to gym class.
5. I started taking college classes when I was fourteen.
6. I want to be a voice actor (but I'm not quitting my day job).
7. My first word was "clock".

Okay, that's done. Now. Who should I annoy by tagging next?

Jesse (if he ever blogs again).
Hmmm. I have been away from the blogosphere too long. Maybe I'll fill my quota of seven tags later. I really should be studying.



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