Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ice, Ice, Baby!

So, I was expecting some frozen precipitation. Some snow. Some sleet. Some freezing rain. All of those things came today, then stopped about the time I got home from work. About that time, they were starting to back off some of the worst forecasts. I knew it was going to start up again, but figured it would be more of the same. Then, after trying an failing to get to sleep early, I decided to check the radar and see if the storm was close. This is what I see.

Wha-huh? The blue and white is frozen precipitation. The green, yellow, and red is rain (with red being the heaviest). That's a LOT of moisture. That's not "less than 1/4 inch of ice", which will coat your car but isn't enough to harm power lines. That's ice storm territory. And sure enough, they're now calling for up to an inch of ice in some areas. Time to pull the extra blankets out of my closet, put my ice chest on the patio, and count the soup cans in my pantry. This could be bad. At least it's not 1993. Also, Oswego? Still sucks to be you. What'll it be 14 feet by the time this is all over? How do you even get out of your house to clean that up? Climb out of a third story window?

These are the days
It never rains but it pours

Queen, "Under Pressure"



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