Saturday, December 09, 2006


My poor neglected blog! I miss it so! I've been busy at work lately, so much of what I've had to rant about has been work related. And since I don't blog about work, I've been bottling up that anger and frustration rather than pouring it out online. Or, maybe, perhaps, I've been burdening my coworkers with my rants instead of burdening the blogsphere. Either way, I'm sure it's perfectly healthy.

I haven't much been in the mood to rant about or laugh at the news (Iraq is bad. Bush pisses me off. The Republicans forgot how to be all of the things I liked about Republicans, and the Democrats manage to suck in a less specfic way than the Republicans, so they won the election. Moving on.)

To distract myself from the news and work, I've been watching way too much fictional television, which doesn't exactly stimulate creative thought. Well... sort of. That's a different post.

So, anyway. I know some people seem to use this blog as a gauge of whether or not I'm still alive (my phone starts to ring if I go more than week without posting). I assure you, I am. I've just been... busy.


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