Thursday, October 26, 2006

Songs in My Head Today

For some reason, I woke up with the song Star Trekkin' in my head this morning, a song I remember listening to on Q94 every day way back when. So it's probably fitting that this evening I'm listening to songs from Weird Al's new album, Straight Outta Lynwood like White and Nerdy.

"I'll ace any trivia quiz you bring on.
I'm fluent in Javascript as well as Klingon."

Just to be geeky, the questions on the trivia card that flashes on the screen are:

G) In what city is the largest ball of twine built by one man?
E) What's with Lindsay Lohan? I mean, seriously?
H) FDR - was he faking it?
AL) On what page does Harry Potter die in the next book?
SN) What is the melting point of a gorilla's head?
SL) How many Wicket Men are there on a 43-man Squamish team?

(Wait, no, the Wikipedians are geekier. Dang.)

"I memorized Holy Grail really well.
I can recite it right now and have you ROTFLOL."

I am absolutely not guilty of this. You're a looney for even suggesting it!

And whatever you do, Don't Download This Song.


Anonymous John said...

SL) 5

- John

10/26/2006 6:54 AM  
Anonymous Diana said...

I may have to buy the White & Nerdy hoodie

10/30/2006 3:56 AM  

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