Saturday, October 07, 2006

Congress Files for Moral Bankruptcy

Today, Congress announced that it was filing for moral bankruptcy, citing a recent series of illegal and/or ethically questionable acts that has left it with a massive debt of explanations, apologies, and acts of contrition.

As a result of the bankruptcy, an as-yet-undetermined number of Congressmen and Senators will lose their jobs. This is the most serious threat of layoffs since the mid 90’s.

In addition to the bankruptcy, Republicans are also being sued for breech of contract by the American people. It is not yet clear how the bankruptcy filing with affect the lawsuit. However, it is possible that the bankruptcy will shield Congressional Republicans, leaving other Republicans around the country to feel the brunt of the lawsuit.

Other effects of the bankruptcy include an internal investigation, a cut in the President’s allowance, and a flurry of advertisements and press conferences insisting that they will change their ways.


Anonymous John said...

Sounds like Congress could use a lawyer. I wonder if there are any in Washington?
- John

10/07/2006 2:48 PM  

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