Friday, September 01, 2006

Quote of the Day - September 1, 2006

I have eight different bosses right now.

- Peter Gibbons, Office Space


Anonymous diana said...

I could be wrong, but my understanding is for the pyramid structure to work better there needs to be a slightly different boss to employee ratio.

9/03/2006 2:00 AM  
Blogger SpakKadi said...

No, no. See, I'm at the bottom of the pyramid, which is a three dimensional structure. And in order to have decent structural integrity, each row above is offset so that one block is on top of several different blocks, but this also means that the block underneath has several blocks sitting on it. Also, the lower you are on the pyramid, the more blocks you have on top of you because you also have the blocks sitting on top of the blocks on top you to worry about. Not to mention, the bigger block you are (i.e., the more jobs you have), the more blocks you have directly above you. If you stick to the fringes, you only have to worry about 1 or 2 direct supervisors. But there's only so much room on the fringes.

9/06/2006 8:04 PM  
Anonymous John said...

But this is all just theroetical.
- John

9/07/2006 7:21 AM  

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