Saturday, May 21, 2005

Upcoming Hurricane Season

I have a feeling it’s gonna be a bad hurricane season. It turns out, last hurricane season was preceded by an unheard of hurricane in Brazil in late March. This year, we already had a tropical storm in the eastern Pacific two weeks before the official beginning of hurricane season, and the historical map on Weather Underground shows no similar systems within 600 miles of the path during the month of May. This can’t be a good sign. I say, a quiet June and July like last year, followed by a bad August and an even worse September, with storms forming all the way to the end of the season in late November. Maybe we’ll even get a December storm this year, though I don’t know what they’d call it. 5 major hurricanes (which would actually be less than last year), 16 named storms, and 8 landfalls. Based on nothing whatsoever. If you want a real forecast with numerical analysis and such, ask Dr. Gray.


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