Friday, July 18, 2008

Procrastinating in Houston

I'm supposed to be doing a homework assignment involving sextant measurements, writing a book report, and writing a trip report, all while I'm here in Houston on business. I've had more downtime than I had expected, so I was able to get some rest yesterday (much needed, since I managed to read about five pages of my book one the 3 hour plane ride down here). After setting up some equipment for a test next week, extracting a bit of information from the locals for my trip report (check it out! work's actually helping my schoolwork for a change!), and catching up on e-mail, I sequestered myself in my internet-free hotel room and started reading my book in earnest.

Hours later, I've made it through only one British Territory out of eleven discussed in the book. And the writing style is getting into my head, so you'll forgive any superfluous adjectives and wistful sentences that pad my post.

Deciding that I needed a break and would really prefer not to have to sit in the lobby to access the internet, I headed for the front desk and told them again that my hardline connection was not working in my room (wireless is only available in the lobby). It seems the fact that the brand new cable they gave me yesterday didn't work never resulted in a maintenance request and, oh, look, the guy who would fix it already left and won't be back until Monday. Ummm... I used my best patience and kept my voice at a low tremble (as opposed to the loud bark that's come out of my mouth much too often lately) when insisting that I had reported the problem and the failure of all attempts to address it short of calling maintenance the day before. Yesterday, they were too booked to give me a new room. But today, they had a room down the hall on the same floor. And then, randomly, as one person was getting me new room keys, another was grabbing a goody bag for me. A bottle of water. A can of Sprite that had obviously been stored in a hot place at some point in its life. A bag of jalapeƱo chips. Microwave popcorn. Some Nabisco products with absolutely no nutritional value whatsoever. And a handful of chocolate coins. The "sorry for the inconvenience" chocolates were added on top by the woman getting my key.
And I just got a call offering me a free movie. Should I ask them to tap the bulge out of the bottom of my Sprite can? It looks a bit precarious sitting on the desk like that.

So, obviously, I'm procrastinating at this point. Taking pictures of tilting Sprite cans can't be a good sign. I don't really look forward to wasting a weekend in Houston on homework. I still hope to bust out at least half of both reports tonight (since when does anyone actually read a book when doing a book report anyway...), sleep in tomorrow, and catch some sights. There's a certain movie coming out this weekend, but tickets are probably sold out from here to eternity. I might hold off on watching it until next... next w... next we- no, no! I'll have to avoid the internets for a week if I do that! Spoilers everywhere!

But if I go see it, I'll want to stop by the Lego store to pick up the Tumbler, which is the only one of the more recent sets I don't have yet. And then I won't have room for real souvenirs.

(But ticket prices are probably way cheaper here than in D.C.)

But I've never been to Texas. I need to get out.

(The sun does eventually set. Not as much to see in the dark.)

Yes, and that's when homework is best done. When I'm busy having insomnia.



(Versus Zombie Joker)

Perhaps the parenthetical voice and I need to have another chat.

(You're a freak. Just like me!)

I think we're done here.

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