Saturday, July 05, 2008

How Did We Not Know About This?

So, my cousins and I went to Georgetown yesterday before going down to the Mall to see the fireworks. We had about an hour until a movie we were going to see was supposed to start, so I suggested going across the street to look at some buildings we hadn't really seen before. It was toward the river, so I figured we could at least walk along the water if there was nothing else to see.

This is what we found:

A ring of bars and restaurants with outdoor dining all along the waterfront with this beautiful fountain surrounded by flowers. How on earth did we not know this was there? I mean, it looks relatively new, but it's kind of off the main line through Georgetown. The level of activity on the side streets gave no indication that something like this had materialized right across the street from the theater (which is also a little off the beaten path, but we've been there several times). The heck? I didn't know we had a pool!



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