Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Panic Like a Trapped Chipmunk

I was headed outside today at work when I spotted a chipmunk trapped in the airlock. (No, not that kind of airlock.) He was totally freaking out, running up walls and trying his darndest to get away from me and get out. Unfortunately, "away from me" was his top priority, so the fact that I was holding the door open to the outside made him somewhat disinterested in that exit. Having grown up with indoor/outdoor cats who were free to roam in and out of their own door (and bring friends in with them), I have plenty of experience dealing with panicked critters in confined spaces. I almost screwed up, however, when I pressed the handicap button to hold the door open while I swung around and chased the chipmunk outside. That particular button opens both the inner and outer door at the same time(defeating the purpose of the airlock, if you ask me). The inner door opened toward him, thankfully, and I discouraged him from scampering around the door and into the building by running into the doorway. Now that I was no longer standing between him and freedom, he quickly found the true exit and ran into the grass by the sidewalk.

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