Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sick and Rambling

It turns out that working up a sweat at the gym, allowing your body to cool down while going grocery shopping, then spending twenty minutes in the cold night air unloading said grocies while wearing little more than a t-shirt and a light jacket is not good for your health. Who knew? The day after this exercise in testing my immune system's limits, I was tired and had a sore throat. I figured I had over done it the night before, but I'd just need to drink something before leaving for work and cut back on my workout that night to give my body a chance to recover. At work, I quickly devoured my Cheerios and ate my lunch early. The urge to eat everything within reach has become a sign of impending illness for me. Then my coworker commented that, impossible as it may seem, I looked even paler than usual. It was becoming apparent that this was not just a work-out hangover. Finally, I took some medicine and went home, hoping to sleep off the illness and come in the next day.

When I got home, I grabbed the sick blanket, sat down on the couch, and entered a state of unconciousness known as "sleep". Three hours later, I had the energy to fix an early dinner. And by early, I mean the sun was still up. Weird. Then I slept some more.

You'd think all this sleeping would have been enough for my body to repair the damage that single-celled organisms were doing to my sinuses. Day 1 is tricky that way. Do not be fooled by Day 1. Day 1 lets you sleep through the misery. Day 2 makes you feel like someone dumped saw dust into your lungs and syphoned your energy into a black hole. You can't go into a deep, restful sleep because your throat demands constant hydration, threatening to eject your lungs if you don't comply. The pile of tissues grows to cover every available surface, and your nose encourages your eyes to help it empty the sinuses. Your voice turns into that of a robotic demon, and your boss does not doubt that your are ill, ill, ill. On Day 1, you hoped to be better by Day 2. On Day 2, you just hope you're not worse on Day 3.

On Day 3, I went to work despite still being sick (though not Day 2 sick) because I'd just worry over the weekend if I didn't address issues I saw building over e-mail. My voice was still questionable, but I ended up spending the entire day on the phone with various people who I'm sure were very glad I was not speaking to them in person.

A friend at work suggested that I watch Batman and Avatar to help me recover. I was kind of curious what strange dreams my tired mind would come up with if I were able to have my DVD/VCR player switch back and forth between the two, since I knew I would fall in and out of consciousness during and between episodes. Alfred and Iroh share a cup of tea. Harley and Ty Lee bond over being the super-cheerful, seemingly brainwashed underlings of a sociopath. Azula and Ra's Al Ghul play mind games with each other while the Joker and Fire Lord Ozai each wonder why the other sounds so familiar.

Over the weekend, I ended up watching some Futurama DVDs and some Batman: The Animated Series DVDs. I usually watch Futurama with the commentary on, but it had been long enough since I saw the episodes that I watched with the commentary off. I love the commentary if for no other reason than it makes it that much more obvious that the show was constructed for geeks by geeks. David X. Cohen, the executive producer and co-creator of the show, has a perfectly geeky voice and seems to be a huge fanboy of his own show, in an endearing way.

When I was watching my Batman DVDs, it became apparent that things explode very easily in Gotham City. There seems to be a rule that there must be at least one explosion per episode, not counting the intro. In one episode, Bruce Wayne hit a computer with a fire extinguisher and it burst into flames. Anyone who's ever deigned to emulate the duck knows that computers do not give you the satisfaction of exploding when you hit them unless they are rigged with nitro first. I have to wonder if the Batcave explodes every time Alfred accidentally spills tea on the Bat Computer. Good thing Bruce is a billionare.


Anonymous Diana said...

I'm sorry that you were sick! I didn't get sick, but my son had a really bad cold. I would rather have been sick myself.

1/12/2007 2:01 PM  

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