Sunday, August 06, 2006

Break Out the Aluminum Foil Hats!

Apparently, the RFID tags that all passports will soon be required to have are easily cloned. Now, most of the information on it cannot be accessed, so if someone read your passport from a distance, they wouldn't be able to know your name and address. They'd need to physically look at your passport in order to create a true copy. And they wouldn't be able to modify the information to create a separate identity. However, they can still apparently tell what country you are from. The article suggests that bombs could be triggered when they detect passports from certain countries in the area. The good news is that RFID tags don't work near aluminum (which has been a problem in the commercial world because they can't tag soda cans), so you can just wrap your passport in aluminum foil to keep anyone from detecting it when you don't want them to. Then, when they start implanting the chips directly into your head, aluminum foil hats will be all the rage!


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