Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bush Learns What a Veto Is

Bush: I don't understand, Dick. Every time I threaten to veto a bill, Congress passes it anyway. Why won't they listen to me?

Cheney: Maybe it's because you've never actually vetoed anything.

Bush: What about all those notes I wrote telling the executive branch to ignore parts of laws that I didn't like?

Cheney: That's not a veto. That's a signing statement. With the signing statement, you tell the executive branch how to enforce a law that you signed. With a veto, you refuse to sign a bill into law and tell Congress to shove it.

Bush: So, wait, I prevent a law from even being put on the books and used against me by the courts?

Cheney: Exactly.

Bush: That's better than a signing statement! What's the catch? It's not unconstitutional, is it? People seem to throw that word at me a lot.

Cheney: No, actually, it's specificially spelled out in the constitution that you can do it. However...

Bush: I knew it! There's a catch!

Cheney: 2/3 of Congress needs to vote to pass the bill anyway. But when's the last time 2/3 of Congress agreed on anything?

Bush: Whew! You had me scared there, buddy. I think I'll try this veto thing.


Anonymous John said...

We have a vacation home in Vitro. In the spring, when they fertilize, WHEW!; even with the windows closed, it really stinks! So we chose to not go there then, and we just ...

What ... what? ... really? They can do that? ...

OK, um ... nevermind.

- John

7/20/2006 8:01 AM  

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