Sunday, April 09, 2006

Bashing Bush from the Peanut Gallery

In an "it's about time!' moment for Democrats and Republicans, a man stood up and criticized Bush to his face, and didn't get ejected as a result. Democrats are happy because finally Bush was faced with someone who wasn't a political or media pundit or a screaming party-crasher who really is deeply and reasonably opposed to his policies. Republicans are happy because Bush survived the encounter with his world view intact, and he even responded to the criticism, though only to not apologize for approving warrantless wiretaps. Taylor's delivery (I've seen the full video of his remarks) was calm, tinged with more disappointment than anger. Bush hushed the crowd when they tried to drown out Taylor's comments with booing. But neither Taylor nor Bush won anyone over. There was no actual debate over the constitutional limitations on the powers of the president, the plans on how to stabilize Iraq, the implications of the "Long War", exploding government spending, or any number of issues currently facing our country. It was a citizen who did not ask a question and a President who did not give an answer.


Anonymous John said...

Ah, the Long War. As William Safire wrote in his weekly column "On Language", (the only thing worth reading in the New York Times Sunday Edition) there is a "struggle over nomenclature" going on. He enumerated the names and enlightened us to their meanings.
There is:
the Long War,
Civil War,
fomenting Civil War,
Global War on Terror,
Gulf War II,
Sectarian Violence,
Sunni-Shiite fighting,
the Insurgency,
Internecine struggle,
Ethnic Clashes,
Ethnic Strife,
Low Grade Civil War,
Communal Fighting,
and, perhaps, eventually,
"the late unpleasantness".

4/10/2006 7:28 AM  

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