Saturday, February 25, 2006

So very messed up!

Warning! Battlestar Galactica spoilers!

So, now we have three Sixes. 6-6-6. This can't be good. And Caprica Six has an imaginary Baltar. How... sweet, I guess, and creepy. And question inducing. If Baltar meets Caprica Six, will Imaginary Six and Imaginary Baltar disappear? Or meet? If they're not programs or chips or hallucinations, what exactly are these mostly invisible tormentors? I'm curious as to what Imaginary Baltar's been feeding Six all these months. Certainly guilt. But aside from that, he has no moral agenda as Imaginary Six does. It was Six who convinced Baltar of a Grand Plan. So with roles reversed, has Baltar mearly been planting the seeds of doubt? That gives us Religious Six (aka Imaginary Six), Atheist Six (Pegasus Six), and Doubting Six (Caprica Six).

Also, a nitpick. I thought Helo's Sharon said she remembered being on Galactica, yet obviously she's not a download of the Sharon who lived on Galactica and shot Adama. Do the Cylons sync with others of their model or not? Or did she specifically access Galatica Sharon's memories so that she could blend in better?


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