Sunday, July 01, 2007

Nutrisystem - Improving Marriages One Pound at a Time

Nutrisystem has two sets of commercials: one geared toward men and the other toward women. In one of the commercials geared toward women, one woman says that her husband told her that she was hot. Well, that's nice, I guess. But in one of the commercials geared toward men, one man says that his wife now finds him less disgusting than she used to. This is the male equivalent of your spouse saying you're hot? That's just... sad. Couldn't they both say "my spouse fell in love with me all over again"? Or something a little less pitiful and/or demeaning? And what if it turned out those two were actually married to each other?

"Wow, honey, you're hot!"
"Thanks, dear. And you're not nearly as disgusting as you used to be!"
"Uh, thanks?"

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