Monday, April 18, 2005

Political Rant 1 of 5,497

My apologies for blatant inaccuracies and liberal/conservative stereotypes. It’s a rant. I don’t care to do research just now.

I can’t believe I’m going to say this: politicians in Washington need to learn how to play politics again. Politics is not mudslinging, name calling, pushing, and shoving. It is the art of tactfully implying your opponent doesn’t know what they’re talking about out of one side of your mouth while convincing your opponent to do things your way with the other. It’s all about subtlety – something politics has been lacking as of late. The Democrats are being a bunch of sore losers who can’t seem to pick their battles or articulate what would make them act less disruptive. Republicans, on the other hand, are ungracious winners trying to change the rules to their liking and even to make it harder for the Democrats to play the game.

Democrats: If you’re gonna pick a fight, don’t do it just to pick a fight, or just to annoy the guys who just kicked your sorry butts in the last election. You want to know why you lost the freakin’ election? You can’t come up with your own ideas, that’s why. You never got past the “anybody but Bush” mentality to actually come up with a plan you could execute should anyone actually start listening to you. Don’t like Bush’s Social Security plan? Instead of insisting it’s fine the way it is (which it isn’t), come up with your own fix. That’s where negotiations start. I have an idea, you have an idea, now let’s talk and maybe reach a compromise. Don’t like Bush’s judicial nominees? Have some very specific reasons for filibustering each one or sit down and speak with your vote. Filibustering is a last resort, not an excuse for a public temper tantrum. What can Republicans do to convince you to stop? If they present three new candidates out of the six you’re protesting, will you sit down? Two new candidates? Know the answer because someone is bound to ask it eventually.

Republicans: Hooray. You’re the majority. Congradu-freakin’-lations. This doesn’t mean you get to stop listening to the minority opinion. Don’t go changing the rules just because they’re “inconvenient” for you because you will not always be in the majority – and you speed the demise of your majority by pulling bonehead moves. Changing ethics rules back to the way they were before you changed them and disallowing fillibusters for judicial nominations makes you look like a kid who won a game and now wants to rig the rules so you can stay on top. But it looks downright suspicious to the voting public, so it may backfire on you. So first, get rid of DeLay. It’s not like he’s the first House majority leader to be taken down by ethical questions, and he won’t be the last. He’s doing you more harm than good at this point. What of loyalty? Well, give him a nice cushy committee seat away from prying media eyes. Next, if the democratic filibusters are doing so much damage, say so. The constitution says the President "shall have the power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate..." to make these appointment. Saying the President is entitled to a simple yes/no vote ignores the "advice" part. This is where the Democrats rule over you. Whether the MSM is liberal biased or not, the Democrats know how to use the media to their advantage (maybe they learned it from their friends in Hollywood, who knows). But you need to learn to do the same. And I don’t mean the Bush method of going over the head of the media. Meet the press on its on territory. Go on Fox, MSNBC, CNN, Meet the Press, whatever, and politely point out that the Democrats have no legitimate reason to filibuster Bush’s nominees. And don't pull this "they hate religion" junk, either. Be the adults. Let the Democrats pull themselves down. It’ll take time, but as soon as DeLay is out of the picture, it’ll be the biggest political news story out there. Push those poll numbers against the Democrats. It may be painful short term, but you’ll benefit long term.

Both: Stop “energizing the base”. Represent your constituents first, your party second. By listening to the twenty people on the far left or the far right who have lots of money and influence, you’re alienating everyone else. Remember that we all live in the same country and living together involves compromise. We can’t just divorce each other. We’ve tried that already. It’s messy.


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